2024 Wedding Dress Trends

From corsets to dramatic trains, these are the shapes, details, colors, and fabrics that experts expect will define 2024's bridal fashions.

2024 wedding dress trends are all about pretty details. For example, romantic corset bodices, dropped waists, princess-inspired trains, subtle pink color, opulent lace and jacquard textures, and glam miniskirts are all expected to define the biggest bridal looks of the year.
Maximalism is back in 2024. There's no better time to be over-the-top than at your own wedding. Brides are embracing the drama of a maximalist, fashionable moment, whether that translates to bows, embellishments, or dramatic silhouettes.

  • The Feminine Aesthetic

Flirty, feminine details—corsets, bows, florals, soft colors—will define the year’s wedding gowns.
We are seeing this trend everywhere right now. It can be described as "Barbie meets Westwood", with traditional details modernized and paired with contemporary silhouettes.
We will continue seeing this trend ramp up with subtle use of bows, soft romantic colors in florals, and hyper-feminine wedding looks. These details are perfect for brides looking to add a hint of nostalgia and romance to their attire
Plus, chantilly lace gloves, delicate bows, and other whimsical accessories add a touch of vintage charm and femininity to the bridal ensemble.

Floral Lace Corset Wedding Dresses with Straps

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  • Opulent Lace Textures

Lace is a wedding embellishment that never goes out of style.
We can expect to see contemporary, "boho-meets-glam" versions instead of fussy, old-fashioned patterns.
Dramatic sleeves and transparency are key features, sparkle mix with intricate laces is a fresh approach to this type of dress.
Jacquard fabrics is another rising trend in texture.
The intricate patterns and rich feel of jacquard bring a luxurious and opulent touch, perfect for brides seeking a gown with a unique visual interest.

Sheer V-neck Long Floral Lace Mermaid Wedding Dresses

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Dramatic Skirts and Trains
Couples are opt for blow-out weddings instead of minimalist micro-ceremonies, wedding gowns will provide a major fashion moment
Full ballgown silhouettes, early-'90s bridal era is so lovely and dramatic. It looks rich in photos and truly is a bridal moment.
All kinds showstopping trains are included in this trends, for instance oversized, embellished, intricate lace placements!
Off The Shoulder Gray Colored Tulle Wedding Gowns with 3D Flowers

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  • Revival Waistlines

The classic corset is making a comeback, but with a modern twist, like combine traditional corsetry with contemporary draping techniques and innovative cuts. It creates a stunning silhouette that is both timeless and modern, offering brides a sophisticated and figure-flattering option.
Dropped waists and basque waists are back, too. They are perfect ways to add drama to the silhouette of your wedding dress without having to go over the top with the details.
Princess Sleeveless Corset Lace Bridal Gowns with Big Bowknot

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  • Subtle Color Wedding Dresses

Brides continue to embrace pops of bright color in bridal gowns in soft, non-white hues—especially pink. They are feeling empowered to lean into their own personal style in this way and wear something they love rather than something they feel they're supposed to. It's just enough color to feel unique, while the gown still feels bridal.
Strapless 3D Flowers Pink Colored Wedding Gowns

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  • Minimalist Dresses

With minimalist slip dresses and barely-there gowns, brides stand out in a sea of ballgowns, trains, and embellishments. Less is more!
Precise cut and immaculate construction are key to nailing this look.
As another increasingly popular option, the naked dress will celebrate daring elegance, blending sheer fabrics and strategic detailing to artfully reveal the beauty of the bride’s silhouette, embodying modern confidence and individuality.

  • Unique Fashions

More and more brides request custom or vintage pieces, and sometimes a combination of both.
A lot of brides want a wedding dress that they haven't seen splashed all over TikTok, Instagram, and the internet. The best way to get that one-of-a-kind wedding look is going the custom route.
And sustainable is bonus.
Vintage Satin Corset Royal Bridal Gowns

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  • Three-Dimensional Florals Details

Three-dimensional flowers are a delicate embellishment that add interest to gowns, veils, and other weekend attire. It serve as a contemporary twist on traditional lace, and help to provide a romantic, bold, and utterly unique bridal look.
3D Flowers High Collar Wedding Dresses with Puff Sleeves

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  • Mini Moments for Reception and Ceremony

Brides aren't worried anymore about a complex bustle or dancing at the after-party in a giant skirt.
Choose a slim, floor-length gown for the reception in keeping with the guest dress code, and switch into a minidress for late-night celebrating and the after party.
The transition into a mini dress provides brides with the opportunity to feel more at ease, let loose, and enjoy precious moments with their loved ones
The incorporation of playful elements, such as feathers, fringe, sequins, and bows, adds a delightful touch, making them a perfect choice to infuse joy and style into the celebration.

Off Shoulder Short Lace Bodice Wedding Dresses

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