Wedding Dresses Neckline Shopping Guide

Different necklines compliment different body types.
So when shopping for wedding dress, it is important to be aware of the different neckline cuts that are out there.
With so many options currently available, ranging from a romantic sweetheart cut to a strapless look to the off-the-shoulder style, becoming knowledgeable about specific neckline cuts can help you make the right decision.

The sweetheart neckline resembles the top half of a heart, it is a good option for the fuller-figured bride as it accentuates the chest area.
When the sweetheart neckline has an overlay sheer, we call illusion neckline, it gives a longer, leaner look to the torso.
It also makes the neck look longer and more romantic.

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But if you are brides with a more boyish figure should avoid the sweetheart neckline.

Strapless neckline does wonders for others. It always paired with the sweetheart neckline or straight neckline which gives the bride the illusion of a smaller figure.
While some brides should avoid the strapless neckline, women with broad shoulders should avoid the strapless wedding dress.
But those with delicate shoulders and collarbones will do quite well with this style.

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The off-the-shoulder wedding dress neckline is a very popular one.
The neckline starts just below your shoulders and emphasizes the neck, shoulders, and collarbone, and has small sleeves that cover the top part of the arm.
Off shoulder neckline is flattering to all figures, this style is ideal for pear-shaped women, and anyone who would want to show off their shoulders.
But brides with fuller arms or issues with their shoulders should avoid it.

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Sabrina/ Bateau

The Sabrina neckline, also known as the bateau neckline, is great for brides with a certain body type.
This neckline, cut straight across, follows the curve of the collarbone, edging near the tip of the shoulders.
It is usually accompanied by sleeves though many designers are now pairing it with sleeveless dress styles.
But Well-endowed women should avoid the Sabrina neckline.

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Similar to the off-the-shoulder style but with more fabric, the portrait scoops across the shoulders (from tip to tip).
Women with full arms and prominent collarbones may seriously consider the portrait neckline for their wedding dress. If you have an undefined collarbone, this is probably not the neckline for you.


It is the ultimate classic style and can be either low or high cut.
In many cases, the scoop in the front is complimented by a lower scoop in the back.
Anyone, no matter what body type, can wear the scoop neckline.

The halter features a strap that wraps around the neck which is fastened by tying the straps or with buttons.
If you have broad shoulders, you might want to try on a halter wedding dress.
The neck is usually high with deep armholes and is ideal for very tall women.
But if you have narrow shoulders, the halter neckline may not work for you.

V-neck dips downs in the front mimicking the shape of the letter V.
It usually be complimented by a similar dip in the back, but not always.
The v-neck dress is pretty self-explanatory; Most brides-to-be can pull off the v-neck.
This neckline draws attention away from the bust and is a great alternative for brides with a B- or C-cup.

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The jewel neckline is often referred to as the T-shirt neckline. It is rounded and sits at the base of the neck.
It is a fairly new style in the way of designer wedding dresses.
Some dresses even play with the idea of the t-shirt and place a decorative pocket on the front.
The jewel neckline is great for a modest figure, as it helps enhance the bust.
Certain women may want to avoid this neckline as it will make the chest seem larger.

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However, these are just general suggestions, and that your best bet is to try on any dress, regardless of the neckline when shopping to find exactly which one is right for you.